Hello, World!

18 Jan 2012 - Arras, France

Hi everybody!

The meaning of this blog it’s pretty simple. I want to explain some interesting features I discover and I would like to have some feedbacks about them. Finding solutions about complex issues it’s a good thing but IMO, having an other point of view that can be better than mine is more better & productive.

Every articles will be written in English (as well as possible). I hope I will be able to write an article every two weeks.

To allow you to understand me a little bit more, I’m currently in five year of engineer’s school EPSI Arras. I will finish my study in one week :) and I will work for Wid’op during a training period of six months from February.

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The code is available here: egeloen/egeloen.github.com.

By the way, if you found a typo, please fork and edit this post . Thank you so much!

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